Are you interested in a special bike from our range and would you rather lease the bike through your employer than buy it directly? Then you've come to the right place - we'll explain our bike leasing offer to you, show you JobRad and how you can lease your dream bike from us.

What is JobRad?

JobRad GmbH is the leading provider of company bike leasing in Germany and offers you as an employee many advantages when leasing your dream bike. You will find out what these are in the next section.

Why bike leasing through JobRad?

  • Your employer leases the bike and the monthly leasing rate is deducted from your gross salary. The salary conversion saves you money - usually this is 20-40% compared to direct purchase.
  • Your dream bike is fully comprehensively insured against theft and total loss via leasing contract.
  • Unlike direct purchases, the purchase price is not due in one amount. Instead, the monthly lease payments are simply deducted from your gross wages and the financial burden is spread over the entire lease term.
  • You protect the environment by riding your bike.
  • You can use your JobRad for all purposes - whether for commuting to work or for your vacation.
  • Whether mountain bike, city bike or gravel bike: all bikes can become a JobRad . From a purchase price of €749 you can lease any bike from us.
  • You can also include various bicycle accessories in the leasing contract.

How expensive is a leased bike through JobRad?

How high the leasing rates are in the end depends heavily on the bike you want. The amount is processed every month on your payroll and you don't have to worry about anything else. You can use the following calculator to calculate the costs and potential savings.

How long is the leasing contract? What happens to the bike afterwards?

The leasing contract runs for 36 months. After that, the right of use ends, but JobRad strives to offer you your dream bike at the end of the contract period for a low used purchase price (you can see details on this in the advanced mode of the benefit calculator).

What requirements must be met for a JobRad?

In order for you to be able to lease a JobRad through your employer, they must conclude a leasing framework agreement with JobRad. Your employer doesn't offer JobRad yet? No problem. He can use the contact form to get in touch with JobRad quickly and easily and even request contract documents directly. Here you can find the benefits and further information for employers .

In order for you to be able to lease a JobRad from us, your employer must offer JobRad. Because the leasing contract runs through your employer. If your employer doesn't offer a JobRad, that's not a problem. She/he can simply register. The leasing concept not only offers you advantages, your employer also benefits. You can find more information for employers here. If you are self-employed, you can also find useful information about tax advantages, the requirements and the leasing request form on the JobRad website .

How do you lease a JobRad through Pastel Cycles?

  1. Create a user account in the "meinJobRad portal"!
  2. Find your dream bike in our online shop! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page!
  3. We create an offer and upload it to the "meinJobRad portal".
  4. You upload a temporary employment contract with your employer to the "meinJobRad portal" and complete the order application.
  5. After approval by your employer and JobRad, your desired bike will be ordered.
  6. Last but not least, your dream bike will be delivered to your home.

Further questions?

Do you have questions about JobRad? You can access the JobRad FAQs here .
Do you have questions about leasing with Pastel Cycles? Write to us at