CIMA Rahmenset

CIMA Rahmenset

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The mountain goat.
The featherweight.
For the connoisseur. 

Classical lines, minimal weight & focus on ride quality. 

The CIMA is not only engineered in Europe but we also brought back the manufacturing to Portugal. So we not only managed to cut down it's weight but also the transportation related CO2 emissions.

This greater control on the design and production helped us achieve what we believe is the ultimate modern classic road bike.

If road bike development of the last few years feels off the track you are not alone. While the benefits of the disc brakes is unquestionable, the proprietary components, forced integration and marketing driven "aero is everything" messaging is a caricature what bikes should be really about.
So we went back to where things still felt right, looked at the modern standards that actually make sense. State of the art materials, flex characteristics validated by computer fluid dynamic modeling, a touch of individualization by full custom color service and so the CIMA was born.
What it is is simple: pleasant to look at, exciting to ride and easy to work on it. 

  • Lightweight and reliable components
  • 30mm tire clearance

  • Modern standards - Easy servicing

  • Standard round 31.8mm handlebar, stem and 27.2mm seatpost

  • Classic shape that doesn't go out of fashion with the next model year





745g for an unpainted size M frame & 350g for an uncut fork. Weight isn't everything but it feels so damn good to fly uphill.

Standard components

It is not only reassuring that sourcing replacement parts will be easy down the road many years from now, it also opens up further customization options for the ones that like to optimize their setup to the last gram.

The 27.2mm round, carbon seatpost with external clamp is a reliable piece which accommodates to all saddle rail types; the 31.8mm diameter carbon handlebar has a modern ergonomic shape, shallow drop and weights less than 200g. A swap of stem length is a 5 minute home job instead of a 2 hours workshop affair.
If you are a real weightweenie and want to upgrade to your favorite Darimo, Schmolke, THM, etc..  components nothing will hold you back. 


Custom color

If you want a truly individual product we are able to offer a fully custom color service. As a starting point RAL colors are widely available, but lot of our customers are inspired by their dream car colors. Currently offering a single color option with individual branding (stripes & Pastel branding). 
Finishing option can range from full matt to glossy. 

If you need advice on your choice just write us an email:




Standard /Ultegra Di2/:

Carbon Aero-Wheelset

45 DEEP | 30 EXT | 24 INT | 1490G

PHASE Carbon AllRoad 24:45 Wide

Reliable, light, aero, adjustable. A contemporary 24mm inner rim width supports modern tire widths, 30mm external widths keeps wider tires in the aero sweet-spot and the rim is hooked, so all tires are compatible not only selected tubeless models.
The Sapim CX aero spokes are laced to our gravel proven PHASE centerlock hubs which are adaptable for XDR, N3W and Microspline freehub bodies. The rim is tubeless compatible and comes with tubeless tape pre-installed.





 Standard - Dura-Ace Di2 / Upgrade - Ultegra Di2:

Carbon Spoke Aero-WheelsetCarbon spoke wheelset

50 DEEP | 30 EXT | 24 INT | 1290G

PHASE Carbon AllRoad 24:45 Wide

An engineering masterpiece. All the wide rim, tubeless benefits from the already exceptional standard wheelsets, but this one bumps the depth to 50mm and is laced with superlight aero carbon spokes. Each spoke has a weight of 3.2g - about half of a traditional metal one.
Thanks to the additional stiffness only 20 spoke per wheel is sufficient for an a exceptionally  lightweight, reactive, yet comfortable ride quality.


Selection of Groupsets 

Shimano Ultegra Di2 12s


A synonym for performance, quality and value for money. All the performance from the top of the line DuraAce packaged into a no-nonsense package. 12 speed cassette, semi-wireless setup, long lasting battery, instant shifting and reliable quality are characterizing this group. 






Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 12s


Riders of several generations are lusting over Shimano's top of the line road offering. Do you need it? No, even at the Tour de France level Ultegra would be more than enough to take home the yellow jersey.
What makes this groupset special is the meticulous Japanese engineering that leaves no stone unturned to achieve the absolute best shift and breaking performance. The forged aluminum parts and high quality finishing make it the ultimate bike jewelry for the ones appreciate the fine things in life. Do you want it?   






Phase Carbon Road


Carbon road handlebar for maximum comfort and minimum weight.

The ergonomic shape of the contact area and our special Carbon -Layup are optimized for long rides in the mountains.

The shallow drop, short reach slightly outwards angled shape (2cm wider at the drops) are designed for riders who value user-friendly, comfortable and light components.

Material: Carbon

Width C-C (mm): 400, 420, 440

Width at drops (mm): 420, 440, 460

Drop/Reach (mm): 127 / 79

Weight: 182gr (400mm)




SQLab 612R S-Tube / 612R Carbon

SQLabSaddles are a highly personal choice, however SQLabs is making one of the most universally accepted saddles for performance oriented riders. Proven in both world tour and ultra-endurance racing.

The 612R is designed for sporty riding position and comes with a weight from 125g (carbon version - Dura-Ace; 164g S-Tube version - Ultegra). 



Frame & Fork

Pastel CIMA (Toray T1000 Carbon)
Wheelset PHASE Road 45:24 Carbon Wide // PHASE Road 50:24 Carbon Spoke
Tires Continental GP5000 / Vittoria Corsa Control
Seatpost Pastel SP005 Carbon 27.2mm
Saddle SQLab 612R / 612R Carbon
Stem Pastel ST008 Alu ±7°
Handlebar Pastel HB1006 Carbon
Tape Pro Cork 2.5mm

IS42/28.6 | IS52/40


Shimano 105 Di2 (coming soon) Shimano Ultegra Di2 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
Shift-Brake Levers ST-R7170-R / ST-R7170-L ST-R8170-R / ST-R8170-L ST-R9270-R / ST-R9270-L
Calipers BR-R7170 BR-R8170 BR-R9270
Derailleurs RD-R7150 / FD-R7150 RD-R8150 / FD-R8150 RD-R9250 / FD-R9250
Crankset FC-R7100
Casstte CS-HG710-12 CS-R8100-12 CS-R9200-12
Chain CN-M7100 CN-M8100 CN-M9100

The weight of you Pastel CIMA ca. (depending on Size, Color and Tire choice):
Dura-Ace Di2:  6.6 kg
UltegraDi2:      7.1 kg
105 Di2:           7.5 kg 
– a real mountain goat..




If you already own a drop bar bike it's a good starting point to start comparing Reach & Stack figures:

 Geo Chart CIMA







Size Guide

Rider Height (cm) Inseam (cm) Frame SIze
150 - 165 75 - 82 XS
160 - 174 76 - 85 S
170 - 179 79 - 87 M
175 - 188 82 - 90 L
182 - 194 84 - 93 XL



CIMA Fork Drawing



CIMA rear hangerCIMA Rear View

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