Size Guide

Once you have a bike that you are comfortable with, comparing its geometry to the Pastel Gravel Bike is a good place to start.
Stem length
Compensate for differences in reach by choosing the right stem length. Do you want agile and direct handling? Choose a larger frame with a short stem. If you're looking for stability, choose a longer stem.
Handlebar width
If you want to replicate the position of your road bike, choose handlebars that are similar in width. If you want more control, increase it. We typically recommend 20mm wider than that of your road bike.
Start with the STACK value. If you want a more comfortable position, choose a higher value. Gravel bikes usually start with a 5-15mm higher position compared to road bikes.
A longer REACH value leads to a more stretched position. If you're agile, that's a good thing because a bike that's too short will make you feel squashed.
Our bikes are designed with a natural position in mind. If you have a longer torso and shorter legs, you should slide the saddle forward on the rails and vice versa.


Body height (cm) Inseam (cm) Frame
150 - 165 75 - 82 XS
160 - 174 76 - 85 S
170 - 179 79 - 87 M
175 - 188 82 - 90 L
182 - 194 84 - 93 XL
Comfort athletic Comfort athletic