Our story

We are from Salzburg, which we truly believe is one of the best cycling destinations in the world. The area offers everything that makes a cyclist's heart beat faster: hilly routes, large mountain ranges, water flowing from glaciers to turquoise alpine lakes, large passes and country roads, smooth asphalt, gravel and forest paths. Routes for all seasons, from sunrise to sunset (and often beyond). Our home always motivates us to test the limits of ourselves and our equipment.

Who are we?

We are Seb and Martin, bike enthusiasts from Salzburg. Together with our team we will build what we think is the perfect gravel bike.

Seb is a born adventurer , always looking for the next adventure. He loves steep climbs, many meters of altitude, constantly discovering new routes and seemingly impassable paths. His claim is therefore, above all, off-road capability, wide tires and easy gears.

Martin likes speed - whether on the road, on the gravel path or in the forest. His claim is therefore a light bike, fast wheels and just enough tire profile to not get stuck.


We are both bike enthusiasts with opposite demands. We ride the same Pastel Gravel bike.



Why did we start Pastel cycles?

The motivation to go the way often arises from frustration. We were tired of the way the bike industry works and trying to sell us products we don't need (we couldn't find what we wanted for the price we were willing to pay).

"Let's take color options. Some are better than others, but when you finally find something you like it's only available with components you don't need. Why can't I just pick the color I like with the components that I need?"

What about the features that only serve to distinguish one company from the other? Certainly having a character is important, but these traits often impact the main function of the bike in opposite ways. Complex shapes make the bike stiffer and the frames heavier. Integrated cable routing triples the bill for a 30-minute service next time you visit the bike shop. A simple change in handlebar height becomes a complex task and an environmental nightmare: replacing plastic cables and disposing of highly toxic brake fluid. Manufacturer-specific components limit the choices, and if something needs fixing on your next adventure, the first bike shop might won't be able to help.

So we started discussing what kind of bike we want to ride...

  • A bike without the usual marketing jargon.

  • A carefully curated, no-nonsense, dependable component list.

  • Hassle-free maintenance.

  • Threaded bottom bracket, standard round seatpost, stem and handlebars.

  • A classic shape that will not go out of style next season.

  • A versatile design that accommodates wide tires.

  • And the freedom to choose the color you want.