CIMA Wheelsets


Carbon Aero-Wheelset

45 DEEP | 30 EXT | 24 INT | 1490G
PHASE Carbon AllRoad 24:45 Wide

Reliable, light, aero, adjustable. A contemporary 24mm inner rim width supports modern tire widths, 30mm external widths keeps wider tires in the aero sweet-spot and the rim is hooked, so all tires are compatible not only selected tubeless models.

The Sapim CX aero spokes are laced to our gravel proven PHASE centerlock hubs which are adaptable for XDR, N3W and Microspline freehub bodies. The rim is tubeless compatible and comes with tubeless tape pre-installed.

Phase Carbon 45mm

Carbon Spoke Aero-Wheelset

50 DEEP | 30 EXT | 24 INT | 1290G
PHASE Carbon AllRoad 24:50 Wide 
An engineering masterpiece. All the wide rim, tubeless benefits from the already exceptional standard wheelsets, but this one bumps the depth to 50mm and is laced with superlight aero carbon spokes. Each spoke has a weight of 3.2g - about half of a traditional metal one.

Thanks to the additional stiffness only 20 spoke per wheel is sufficient for an a exceptionally  lightweight, reactive, yet comfortable ride quality.

Phase 50mm carbon spoke