CIMA Cable Integration


Cable Integration

 Weather to chose fully integrated cables or keeping them external boils down to personal preferences and riding goals - we are happy to offer both solutions for the CIMA.


External Cables

The classical solution for disc brake bike for the ones who want to achieve lightest weight and easiest maintenance


  • lightest weight possible
    (fork and handlebar without extra reinforcement can be used)
  • easy maintenance
    (stem length and handlebar width can be changed within minutes, no need to disconnect and bleed brakes for headset maintenance)


Internal Cables

The contemporary solution for a sleek look and aero performance.


  • sleek look
    (cables running full internal trough the handlebar and headset)
  • aerodynamic performance
    (with the cables out of the frontal area and a more aerodynamic shaped handlebar a few watts can be saved everywhere but the steeper climbs - where weight is still king)